The crazy guy that sits in front of a computer for 8 hours, then sits in front his home computer for another 8 hours. Or however long he really feels like. The started from humble beginnings, and not much has changed. Really, it just started as a joke between his work buddies.


Dexter’s better half and sidekick. She’s put with more than a few of his and Zed’s innane ideas. Fortunately, she keeps him grounded enough to know that he’s actually a pretty smart guy.


Hair brained schemes and quick dollars are the only thoughts that inhabit Zed’s world. He’s a self deluded perpetual loser who will one day find his true calling: hosting a late night infomercial.


The Macintosh technophile that butts head with PC guy Dexter, he’s recently been an all time high with Steve Jobs products taking more than 10% of the market. His greatest downfall is failing to realize his love of apple computer and nothing else has put him at a disadvantage with his social life.

Zedbot and Dexbot

Made from the spare parts of PC’s, A/C units, three toasters and a 286 voice logic chip that only allows Zedbot to say “Zed loves boobs”. The robots were created to work for Zed and Dex until Dexbot had some soda spilt onto his circuits. Since then, Dexbot has become self conscience and helped Zedbot do the same.