What is Fatdex about?

Fatdex is webcomic that’s entirely imagined, drawn and created by yours truly: Dexter. The next obvious follow up question would be “am I fat?” or do I have a thing with the word “fat”. As a gent, I would have to say I’m pretty fat – but not in the way you’d think — I’ll leave you to ponder that point.

So what’s it based on?

Fatdex comics is a humour comic based loosely on half real life, half zany comedy. The real life portion that plays in is that observational humour you see all around you. That other Zany part is the “What the..?” factor that makes you scratch your head (ie.building robot slaves). The characters are based on real people, some of the characteristics are of course a little off, but thats comedy for you.

What’s the process?

The comics themselves are my main priority, as a result, that’s why you don’t see as many updates on anything else as I’m trying to crank out a fresh comic every week. I’m a working stiff too, and I don’t get paid to write or draw squat, I do it because I love it: that means there’s barely any advertising. So, ironically…I cut out all the fat. The storylines run for as long as I like, I don’t have an editor, so the occasional obvious flub will be coming here and there. And believe me, there’s been a few doosies. I post a new strip every Friday, which means by Thursday night I’m scrambling to put color on some of the unfinished strips. Sometimes I feel especially creative and create a news post — even more exciting, I sometimes put a new top ten! A real treat for anyone that actually reads the website.

Why do I do it?

If some of you out there are wondering: the answer is NO, I do not do this professionally. Like I said earlier, I don’t get squat, I love to draw – and that’s the bottom line. So what’s a kid with no professional drawing experience doing with a website? Simple – I’m doing this because I can. I enjoy what I’ve seen out there and taken a stab at it. I have to say, I really like reading a lot of the comics out there; and I enjoy the art. But I always thought I could it too. Not that I think I can do it better, I can do it differently.

What kind of humour is this?

Different. I think that best describes the humour found on my site: it’s not sick and twisted. Just different. Well, if I could put it more eloquently: it’s continuing humour rather than short bursts. Topics wise it’s a mishmash of computers, dating, real life, relationships, and work. Nothing is really taboo, except for what’s outside social norms of course.

So what’s the theme?

Now that’s a good question. Even I can’t answer that one without having to really think about it. I think the recurring theme is about 3 friends that get into adventures with promises of greatness, only to find out they get screwed in the end. Actually, I don’t even think that’s a theme: it really is real life.

So that’s Fatdex: a comic, a website a person with a nickname that’s transcended into something else altogether.